The Bob Simon Lake Anne Contract Postal Unit…Coming in February 2016!

Established in 1963, Lake Anne Village Center is the historic center of Reston, VA. When the Lake Anne Post Office closed in 2014, the residents and businesses were left without an important component of the community. Chesapeake Chocolates, Inc ., located at Lake Anne for over eight years, expanded in 2015 and with additional space, the owner, Doris Tyler, immediately began the application process to open a Contract Postal Unit. A Contract Postal Unit (CPU) is a retail postal facility located inside a retail establishment. CPUs are operated by the retailer’s employees and offer the same basic services available at a regular Post Office. Doris was awarded the contract in August and has been working since to open the new Bob Simon Lake Anne CPU.

Autumn scene on Lake Annecropped res at lakecropped front window

The opening of the Contract Postal Unit will require remodeling and configuring the expanded space to meet the requirements for the CPU. Additional furnishings and infrastructure are also needed as well as additional employees to operate the postal facility.

With the help and support of the community, we look forward to bringing the Bob Simon Lake Anne CPU to Reston in February, 2016.

Thank you!